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assembly instructions:


How does it mount? Do I have to drill?

Our rear feet are designed to bolt right into your stock roof tracks that came with your 4Runner. In the front we use a heavy duty leveling mount that allows you to adjust the amount of pressure on your roof. This eliminates any rattling while preventing the need to drill holes in your roof.


How much weight can it support?

We rate our racks to a standard load capacity of 300lbs (dynamic) and 600lbs (static). 


How should I distribute that weight?

It is best to keep the bulk of your weight towards the rear of your roof. This portion of your vehicle is better designed to support this weight. 


Do I need to paint my rack?

We have recently switched to full stainless steal hardware and aluminum construction. You now no longer have to worry about rust if your decide paint just isn't your cup of tea. 


What is the best option for painting my rack?

Powdercoat is typically the go to for many in the offroad industry. However, it never hurts to break out the good ol' spray can. We recommend a couple of coats of self etching primer and then the paint of your choice. 

*Avoid spraying paint into the tracks on the tslots of the crossbars. This may impact the ability of the carriage bolt to slide in the track. 


Can you ship to Canada?

We sure can! 


CaN YOU SHIP TO APO/fpo mailboxes?

Sadly we are unable to ship to APO/FPO mailboxes at the moment. We can ship your order to someone stateside for you.